Mobile Phone Cooler

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Our Mobile Phone Cooler keeps the phone cool at 4500 rpm and takes away the game heat. It is effectively cooled, and the heat of the mobile phone is quickly drained. The phone is not hot and the battery is more durable. It can effectively solve the problem of fever when using a mobile phone. It can be carried around or placed in a wallet or handbag. Let you experience the fun of the game anytime, anywhere

  • This Phone Cooler prevents the phone from overheating when playing games and extend the battery life. It can procedure the best performance of the mobile phone be restored so that you no longer have to worry about the heat concerns your mobile phone brings.
  • The Cooler effectively solves the overheating problem that plays games or watches the video on the mobile phone for a long time. It is suitable for different sizes of the model such as iPhone or Android phones. It can continue to cool the mobile phone for 5 hours. 


  • Lightweight and portable, easy to install and use.
  • Supports all iPhone/Android phones with a width of 2.44-3.34 inches for a variety of mobile games.
  • It is stretchable and adjustable