Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Dental Floss

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Our Bamboo Dental Floss is a sustainable alternative to other harmful materials that usually end up in landfills or oceans. By switching to biodegradable and eco-friendly bamboo floss, you will help to protect and preserve our beautiful planet from pollution. Quit plastic and other harmful materials, floss sustainably!

  • Daily flossing not only helps to prevent gum disease, but studies show it can also reduce the risk of heart disease! Just a toothbrush is not enough, and toothpicks are too thick for thorough gum treatment. Give your mouth a super deep clean with our Eco-Friendly Floss.
  • The Dental Floss is made from a sustainable source of organic corn and candelilla wax.  Unlike silk floss, ours does not support animal cruelty. With a subtle mint flavor, It will glide between the tightest hard to reach spaces. So safe and gentle, that even kids can use it!
  • Our Biodegradable Dental Floss is waxed with vegan candelilla wax and has a fresh mint flavor. It will glide between your teeth with ease and won't break even in the tightest space. It's all-natural and suitable for people with sensitive gums.
  • Remove plaque between your teeth and along the gum line where a toothbrush cannot reach.
  • Using this product may reduce gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Our micro wax dental flosser can clean the teeth better than the ones without Micro wax. 


  • Item Type: Dental Flosser
  • Material: Bamboo & Corn
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Size: 5.5CM*2.5CM
  • Colors: Black and Ivory
  • Floss length: 30M
  • Flossing material: Bamboo Charcoal & Corn