Electric Foot Spa Soaking Massager

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Our Foot Spa Machine is designed to ease aching and sore feet. The best solution created for those who care about the beauty and health of the feet. It can quickly eliminate fatigue and enhance the body's blood circulation. It helps you relax and help your overworked feet relax, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and perfect for your loved one.

  • This Spa Machine eliminates body endotoxin and prevents leg pain, lower limb pain. It promotes peripheral blood circulation, deepens body fatigue, improves body function, and achieve physical fitness.
  • You can enjoy a nice luxury hot spa to help with swelling, redness, throbbing, and even softening hard areas of the feet. Your skin will be soft, your toenails will look fresher and softer to cut.
  • The Feet Soaking Massager is suitable for people with bad sleep, people with high pressure at work, old people, etc.  It has an efficient heating system that can maintain constant water temperature to keep your body relief when foot soak.


  • Type: Tubs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PS
  • Cover: Without Lid
  • Model Number: B3256
  • Product: Steam Bathtub
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Age Group: Adults