Electric Leg Compression Massager

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Our Leg Air Massager is used to massage your feet and calves, airbags inside, compress your foot and calf muscles from lower to upper to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation. Helps to relieve the restless leg syndrome, leg edema, swelling in leg and feet. Slim and tone your legs from feet to thighs, and soothes muscle fatigue. Easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

  • The air cushions in the leg cuffs of the massager are overlapping, which avoids unnecessary gaps in the sequential massage. Easily and quickly set up the device using the analog panel. The cuffs are easy to put on also without the help of others. Thanks to the self-retaining fastening no additional flaps are necessary to guarantee a safe and secure halt.
  • This Leg Compression Massager can help you to relieve fatigue and tension, relieve pain. Improves blood and lymph circulation. promote blood flow. Forms a cyclic pressure by repeatedly filling and releasing the air to the multi balloon, and performs uniform and orderly extrusion from the distal end of the limb to the proximal end of the limb. 


  • It helps to relieve knee problems, legs and feet swelling, water retention, cramps, and soreness.
  • Improves blood circulation and promotes the proper function of the lymphatic system.
  • Releases nerve compression and tension. / helps reduce venous insufficiency and varicose veins.
  • Perfect after a workout or training for athletes sports recovery; fast recovery for all athletes.
  • No side effects.