Map Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Having a hard time cleaning your home? Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner can clean automatically and save you and your family time and stress. It knows where has been cleaned and where has not, so it will not repeat cleaning the same area. Regular zigzag cleaning mode says goodbye to the random cleaning modes.

  • Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner will do map navigation automatically for the whole house then accurately position the whole house and make the partition cleaning scheme. The cleaning efficiency will be greatly improved because of the regular cleaning path.
  • Improved highly sensitive anti-collision technology for evading obstacles, protect your robot and furniture, walls, and other household items from scratches and marks. The robot vacuum automatically returns to the charging base to recharge when in low power, ensuring it’s always charged and ready to clean.
  • High efficient cleaning: The suction power is pretty strong. The design of primary filter combining with HEPA filter avoids the secondary air pollution. Besides, The suction power is adjustable so that we could choose a quieter model. WiFi app control, the WiFi connection is extremely swift, the app can show the real-time working route of the robot.
  • Power (W): <500W
  • Voltage (V): 14.4V
  • Function: Wet And Dry
  • Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.6-1 L
  • Dust Storage Type: Dust Box
  • Battery Life: 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Bag Or Bagless: Bagless
  • Installation: Robot
  • Timing Reservation: Yes