Professional Elastic Knee Support Pad

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Our Knee Support Pads are designed with lightweight, breathable, and anti-odor moisture-wicking fabric, of promoting blood circulation the new supersedes the old, alleviating knee pain and arthritis. Also Prevents Injuries and Reduces Inflammation.

  • Whether you enjoy outdoor activities (e.g. hiking/walking), sports (e.g. basketball, golf, jogging, tennis), or indoor activities (e.g. yoga), or you have painful knees (e.g. because of arthritis, you are awaiting meniscus tear treatment, or recently had surgery), or you just want to protect your knees before they cause problems, our Knee Braces can help improve your quality of life.
  • Confidently wear our Optimflex Knee Sleeves during & after your workout sessions. The Knee Sleeves are anatomically shaped to fit you perfectly without restricting knee movement & provide you with a comfortable experience with reduced stiffness, itching, & slipping, which makes you forget they’re even on!
  • Benefit from knee discomfort relief by reducing muscle stiffness & soreness or pain caused by osteoporosis, tendonitis, or arthritis. Our Knee Sleeves promote enhanced flexibility & provide you with adequate compression to support & stabilize your knee joint for optimal knee flexibility & mobility.


  • Prevent injuries and exercise safer. 
  • Paste strap: Sticky and easy to tear.
  • Double bundling: Firmly protect the meniscus.